Layers of Life -VIP Workshop

Do you feel self-conscious about your body image?
Do you struggle with weight?
Are you tired of constant dieting?

If yes, then let me introduce you to…

The Layers of Life VIP Workshop

All the latest studies show that 99% of the people who lose weight on a diet will gain it back within two years.

This programme is not another diet. In fact, it’s not even a weight loss program, because if it were, it wouldn’t work. It’s an exciting new field, a new way of thinking that will transform your relationship with food and body.

Join us as we explore the dimensions of human existence in four realms:

  • Physical (our physical body and health).
  • Emotional (our feelings, maturity, and relationships with other people).
  • Mental (our mind, our intelligence, mindset, and growth as individuals).
  • Spiritual (our faith, traditions, religions, and beliefs).

The Layers of Life Theory is about how each of those layers needs its own “food and nourishment” equivalent in order to thrive. When there’s a lack of “energy” in one layer, another layer compensates so that the whole will still be in balance. In that sense, an imbalance in our body or our weight in the physical realm may reflect an imbalance in another realm of our lives.

Join this workshop, and you’ll be getting:

  • Takeaway #1: Healing your relationship with food and body so that you never blame yourself for what you eat again!
  • Takeaway #2: Overcoming emotional eating so that you’ll arrive at your perfect natural weight!
  • Takeaway #3: Breaking the diet cycle and discovering your body’s true ideal weight

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Here’s how the workshop works

What you’re getting:

  • It’s a twelve-week program, from August 13th to October 29th
  • Live video-conference calls every week
  • You’ll get a pre-course private 30min session to personalize your journey
  • VIP service where you’ll feel like you’ve got your own one-on-one coach
  • Replays available if you miss a session
  • Email support
  • Private Facebook group to share our experiences, and find guidance and support

Following the workshop, you will be eligible for a 50% discount on private sessions, valid up to six months after the end of the course. You can book them at any time for $99/session instead of $199/session!

Takeaway #1: Heal your relationship with food so that you never blame yourself for what you eat again!

  • Stop avoiding certain foods
  • Have the foods you crave
  • There’s no such thing as a forbidden food
  • Identify toxic beliefs underlying your relationship with food and body
  • Decode the magic of your compulsions
  • Stop getting angry at yourself
  • Be happier with your body, and healthier
  • Free yourself from the diet mentality
  • Rediscover the pleasure in eating

All of this in a safe, supportive group environment where you can share your journey with like-minded people.

You’re going to walk away feeling better about who you are and how you look, and that feeling will result in naturally becoming healthier and moving past this obsession with your weight. And, feeling better about who you are, fast forwards you towards who you’re supposed to be.

This is a self-discovery, self-development program that uses food as a doorway to our body’s wisdom, in order to start cultivating inner balance. You’re going to become in alignment with your body and stop fighting it. When there’s an imbalance inside, it’s reflected as an imbalance in the body. By turning inwards and healing inwards, the body is realigned and it compensates, returning to its natural weight.

  • Are you sick of the negative messages about food, weight, and diet?
  • Do you think you lack willpower and need more control? 
  • What if I told you that was false?
  • Learn how to manage your eating behavior and discover a new You.

Join the Layers of Life VIP Workshop and find out how the physiology of stress, relaxation, breathing, conscious presence, awareness, enjoyment, meal timing and much more, deeply affect the function of digestion and metabolism, calorie consumption, mood, immune function, and our health condition overall.

Don’t wait! You’ll never see this price again!


NOW $597

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Three equal payments of $219

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What do people say?

Excellent method! I worked with Stratos on my eating habits and changed my psychology towards food, my way of life and my body. This is a humane and healthy approach to the issue of extra weight; it explains how and why our bodies choose to accumulate energy and also how to realign ourselves through compassion and acceptance. Well done! I recommend it, it’s worth it!

Anastasia, Athens, Greece

The MIND-BODY EATING WORKSHOP breaks the vicious circle of continuous diets and helps you heal your relationship with your body. It dives deep and helps you understand exactly the roots of the situation you’re in. Precious and invaluable!!

Zina from Athens, Greece

The webinar I attended was excellent! I learned a lot of great techniques and got insights and hints that are applicable to everyone. Stratos approached the issue of eating psychology from many different angles and at the same time in a very easy and accessible way. He helped us understand ourselves and make better use of our nutrition for the sake of our soul and body. I personally thank you very much !!!!!!

Maria, Athens, Greece

Takeaway #2: Overcome emotional eating so that you’ll arrive at your perfect natural weight!

You’ll be able to understand what causes stress-eating, emotional-eating and binge-eating, and you’ll be able to control it better. Emotions create chemistry and chemistry creates emotions. Thinking and feeling in a certain way will trigger survival mechanisms in our body and in our brain.

  • Emotional eating is not the problem
  • Purposeless eating is not the problem
  • Stress eating is common
  • Private eating happens

Eating for comfort, pleasure, distraction or even as a sedative is a subconscious compensating and coping mechanism. If you were to become conscious of what creates those things, you could manage them better, because you’d be better aware of why you’re getting there.

This workshop will help you develop awareness, compassion, and self-nourishment, as well as teach you techniques to consciously get out of stress response, negating the cause of compulsive eating.

Awareness, relaxation and finding pleasure are incompatible with the stress response and survival mode, which also makes them incompatible with emotional eating and binge eating.

This a limited time offer! Join NOW!


NOW $597

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Three equal payments of $219

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Not convinced yet?

Takeaway #3: Break the diet cycle and discover your body’s true ideal weight

  • Imagine what it would feel like when you get off the diet rollercoaster
  • Imagine what it would feel like when you stop feeling guilt, and your body becomes naturally healthy!
  • Imagine running on the beach with your family
  • Imagine taking trips

Imagine a new YOU that you see in the mirror that you love and you’re happy with, and not because you are dieting, blaming yourself, being caught up in those myths, but because you learned how to make your body feel the way it’s supposed to feel, naturally.

Don’t wait! How much time and money have you already spent on all the diets that have not worked?

The diet industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry and it’s all a scam! They don’t want you to know what will happen when you manage your own body systems. Now, I’m not promising anything, I’m merely saying:

You’ve spent this much time, energy and money there; THIS is a chance to follow a whole new life-changing paradigm, spend less AND it’s on sale right now!


NOW $597

Prefer a payment plan?
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Three equal payments of $219