Joe Bernstein

Περί Joe Bernstein

Joe Bernstein is fully committed to your growth and evolution. He is often described as bold, powerful, passionate and compassionate. Through losing 150 lbs, thriving after an early divorce, ending a successful career and then building his own practice, Joe learned that we must develop who we are at the deepest levels and focus on our mindset much more than our skill set if we want long term change and a life we love. He has been trained as a coach by complete badasses like Tripp Lanier and Chance Taureau. He is certified as a Mind Body Nutrition Coach by Marc David and the Institute for Psychology of Eating. He facilitates trainings for The Mankind Project and various local business development organizations. Joe works with highly motivated individuals and select teams to create anything from deeper communication, to healthier lifestyles and massive increases in income. He knows through personal experience and his professional work that human beings are capable of extraordinary transformation. To learn more about Joe Bernstein and his work check him out at or follow him on Facebook