My name is Stratos Laspas and I live in Palaio Faliro, Greece, with my wife and our three kids. During the first 20 years of my career I worked as operations manager, internal auditor and quality control manager in the financial sector and in particular in the fields of private banking, stock brokerage, capital markets and treasury. For many years I’ve had to deal with heavy daily stress, live life in fast forward, and continuously take on increasing responsibilities. At the same time I faced challenges with overeating, emotional eating, yo-yo diets, and periods of intense exercise followed by periods of no exercise.

I became interested in personal development, meditation, nutritional therapy and natural health when I had to overcome some personal health challenges. My interest in the human body and what affects its health and development became even stronger, as I tried to learn and understand how I could do the best possible for our children, from a nutritional standpoint.

Over the years, through countless hours of personal work and study, I acquired knowledge, experience and a deeper understanding for human nature, which allowed me to start a personal blog focusing mainly on bringing out to the public new critical information and debunking common myths and misconceptions in the fields of natural health and nutrition. The articles posted on that blog quickly became very popular and most of them still come up on the first page (some even as top result) in Google search. From that point on, a professional career change was only a matter of time.

I have learned first hand that diets don’t work, that there’s always a hidden (or not so hidden) message, at any given time, in our relationship with food and in our eating behaviour. I have also learned that being understanding and compassionate, accepting and acknowledging ourselves as they are, where they are, and becoming friends and partners with our bodies, is the only effective way to begin to help ourselves.

Following my studies at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating and my certification as Eating Psychology and Mind-Body Nutrition Coach by legendary Marc David himself, I now focus on doing my part in building a better world, by consulting, guiding and helping people learn how to help themselves with issues regarding their nutrition and their body symptoms, putting into effect the same principles, techniques, strategies and cutting edge protocols that are used right now by the best coaches in the world!

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